Groupag Trading Group Limited is a platform where you meet the most happening and proficient raw coffee beans exporters in africa. We deal with coffee beans across the world in an organized manner. Our skilled agricultural farmers know each and every technique involved in growing and manufacturing coffee beans of the best quality.

The coffee beans suppliers and manufacturers at our company handpick every bean once it is fully grown. A deep precision is given to the quality of the products we deliver to our valuable customers. We are the right people if you are looking for a company that can make you buy coffee beans online that are real and qualitative. On receiving orders, we immediately put them into transit and do every possible thing to deliver them at the doorstep of our valuable customers.

Our manufactured coffee beans have a wonderful taste and potential that can prove to be dazzling to your taste buds. We guarantee an excellent experience you have with our grown coffee beans. Our skilled team members are dedicated to providing all the customers with complete help and support in their specific needs and requirements.


We are not just a company that is running under the name of Groupag Trading Group Limited; instead, we are a brand that is preferred by people across the world over other companies. We, being the best coffee beans exporters understand the value of transportation and how a product should be delivered to a customer. We take care of each aspect a product goes through and make it the best in every manner.

You can blindly rely on our company to have the best quality coffee beans. We offer this product at cost-effective prices that are nowhere to be found. We deliver each order within the timeframe without making a single delay. We are here to fulfill all your needs and requirements you have in relation to coffee beans. Do not worry about the quality and delivery of the same. We take every order seriously and work simultaneously to accomplish it in the shortest time possible.

Get in touch with our company- Groupag Trading Group Limited through a call or e-mail. We will reach you at the earliest and get the job done. So, next time when you have coffee bean requirements; remember us as your partner in need who will complete your order immediately.

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